Life is what happens when you’re making other plans

Someone said to me today, life is what happens when you are making other plans. I never really thought much about this saying. But basically, life meanders, and it goes off course from what you were picturing and planning. But they say, this is where the beauty is. In wanting a job and to move out of my parents house, I have come to realize that…these are not things that are going to happen for me right away. This realization alone has given me more patience. I’m glad that I am on a waiting list for vocational testing. It will help me to determine a career path and what I should go back to school for. In the meantime (between a money making job and where I am now), I’m going to focus on volunteering. I have thought about going out and getting a job as a cashier at a store somewhere, but I think I should wait and I don’t think I’m ready to work in that way yet.

Today I went to an appointment I had at an organization about finding housing. It looks like my prospects for moving out of my parents house right now are bleak. I really don’t make enough through disability to leave right now. It’s not out of the question. But I think I might stay at home a little while longer. I am grateful that they let me stay there.

I also went for a walk in the woods at my local nature preserve today. I love it there, even though it bothers my calves to walk sometimes. And the weirdest thing happened when I was there. I got hit on. Outside the bathrooms, in the nature center. This guy (who works there) asked me out for drinks. I declined. I am really not interested in this person in that way. I was flattered though. Weirded out as well (long story).

(Two pictures from my walk today)

I leave you with this song, Saturn’s Light, by Deb Talan, because it makes my heart smile.  I hope you had a reason to smile today.  🙂


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