Stop saying “I don’t feel like it”

Today was a pretty frustrating day. But, I’m not going to write about that.  I planned to write about resistance, and I’d like to keep this plan. So here we we go.
Yesterday, I enjoyed walking in the nature preserve so much, that I decided to do it again this morning, only I didn’t. I’m wanting to lose weight, be healthy, start the day off right, and experience more of nature. But I didn’t go exactly. I drove all the way there, and kept driving, until I’d turned around and went home, and I know exactly what happened. It is my biggest struggle, and maybe other people reading this will be able to identify. I struggle with the urge to avoid and resist things. Things I plan to do, never get done because I felt like driving to the bookstore instead, just before I’m supposed to do that something. It’s a short term pleasure. But long term me, well, her goals don’t get accomplished, and she is not happy. I’m not sure if the why is important, especially since I don’t know completely why I do it. What I do know is that I’ve been doing it for a long time, and I want to stop. I’m a big girl now. I did end up walking around my neighborhood instead. I researched (googled) the term “I don’t feel like it,” too, and came up with this: Stop saying “I don’t feel like it.”
I’d like to end this post by writing 3 things I’m grateful for today. Is there something you’re grateful for?
1.  I’m listening to Explosions in the Sky, an instrumental band that makes me happy.
2.  My journal.
3.  Sunny and breezy out today. I opened my windows.


(View from where I’m sitting writing this)

See you tomorrow 🙂


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