Out in the world, random movie plug, and Conan

Today I did many (3) “Out-In-The-World” social type things.  1. I met with someone at a nursing home to talk about volunteering and get a tour of the facility. I really feel like it went well, and she gave me lots of paperwork to bring home and fill out.  2. I met with my peer mentor.  She is a very bright individual, who gives me hope.  I always enjoy talking to her.  3.  I went to a women’s movie night through Meetup.com.  We saw “Bridget Jones’ Baby.”  It was very chick flickey, but it was also delightful, sweet and entertaining.  I enjoyed speaking with the other women there too.    Phew!  Now I’m tired.

I have been thinking about the movie “Hello I Must Be Going” lately.  Especially the part where Amy rediscovers her passion for photography.  The trailer does not do this movie justice.  It’s about more than just a woman dating a 19 year old.


Wanna laugh? Last night I watched this and couldn’t stop laughing.


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