Willpower, early mornings

Hi 🙂

So I’m reading a book called The Willpower Instinct.  I literally just purchased it.  Its very good so far and I am feeling optimistic that I could use this as a successful tool to help me overcome my issue with avoidance.  I say this with the implication that I innately know what’s best for myself.  I never really used to think that (that I knew what was best for myself) because I didn’t get a lot of validation from my mom when I was younger.  And sometimes even therapists didn’t validate me either. Or would tell me what they thought about my situation, and I’d take on their perception of it.  But anyway, I do think using this book could help me (it already is), and I could even blog about my progress through it.  It is kind of like a workbook, and meant to take 10 weeks to finish.

My neighbors came home from their vacation early.  They drove down to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on Saturday, intending to stay 2 weeks.  I was bringing in their mail.  But SC is literally being evacuated now for Hurricane Matthew!  That has got to be scary.  What if you had nowhere to go?  Where would you go?  I hope everyone stays safe.

I’ve been waking up at 7am lately.  Like, on purpose.  Like, I set my alarm for that time.  I read things about getting up really early, here and there.  A writer gets up at 5am to write for 3 hours and watch the sunrise.  A business executive wakes up at 6 to swim many kilometers and run.  This is amazing to me, and so inspiring, so I wanted to try it.  So, I’m doing it.  The only thing is, I don’t have a very good morning routine.  I literally get up and check my email, Facebook, and lament about how I don’t feel like going to exercise class, and hem and haw about it, and 50% of the time, I don’t go, even though I enjoy it and it makes me feel good.  So this is not cool!  And this is something I want to actively work on!  I mean, I get up at freaking 7am.  The least I could do is make it a beautiful morning.  I will let you know my progress.

I hope everyone everywhere is having a lovely day.  And if not, well, here’s a little sticker for you:


(Image by “The Latest Kate“)




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