Checking In

Hello! I have been meaning to write for a while, and also forgetting to write for a while.

New with me:

1.) I’m seeing someone. I have been getting out more too. I had really been on track of daily exercise at the gym M-Th. Since I’ve started seeing someone, that’s been derailed though, which frustrates me. We met 2 weeks ago, and while I keep saying I want it to go slow, I like him a lot, and it feels like it is going really fast (he wants me to meet his family next week, but I declined, we use hearts and kiss faces in our texts, and he has told me many times he sees a future with me and likes me a lot.). I like him a lot too! I just need to learn to compartmentalize. And I think we’re at different places with this, though he said he wants to move at my pace and not pressure me and he’s not going anywhere. Which makes me really happy. I’m not used to that. I’m not used to guys accommodating me, and it’s amazing. I still feel internal pressure to please him, but old habits die hard, and I’m working on it.

2.) I took a Chinese language lesson (2 weeks ago) and am going to join a class this week.

3.) I have been missing therapy. Which is good and bad. Good, because I have been spending less money on therapy, and it also means I haven’t felt like I needed Liz, which means I’m becoming less dependent. But I also really miss her! I was going to go last week, and felt sick so had to cancel. Looking back, maybe it was psychosomatic. A lot of people are sick lately, and also I was stressing about stuff.

4.) I started volunteering at the nursing home!!! I’m going back next week. 🙂

I hope everyone is having a good week. 🙂

Here’s a happy song I just discovered and love.


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