I’m not sure what to say.  I had a really hard week last week (and on Sunday went to the ER), and I’m doing better today.  I woke up feeling better.  It helped that the roads were clear of snow so I could go out.  My appetite is back too.



We broke up

And I’m Ok.  I wrote this in my journal: “I’m fucking proud of myself.  I broke up with someone I felt was wrong for me, even though I was scared to.  Total Amy empowerment!”

Psychological and Emotional Trauma

This is a really good article on psychological and emotional trauma.  It gives some very good tips out on how to recover from trauma as well, something I experienced in 2013-2015, and left me unable to work.  I actually think I have been traumatized multiple times, from multiple things over my lifetime.  I think it’s one of the reasons its been so difficult to work in the past.  Check it out.




Today is a good day for journaling and making soup

I’m sick. It’s in my throat but the doctor says it doesn’t look like strep.  I must have a cold or virus of some sort.  It’s been like this for a week on and off.  Also Trump won.  I posted something hopeful on Facebook, but I really can’t deal with the internet today, and honestly, I am still processing my feelings and thoughts about this.

Today is a day for journaling and making soup.


Happy Saturday :)

I am still struggling with / working on showing up.  I probably always will.  I will have good days and bad days.  The concept of brain neuroplasticity gives me hope though.  I went to zumba today, and it felt good.  🙂

I am realizing, that I have been hurt in the past, and it still shows up in my life today.  In my thoughts and the way I act.

I am kind of wanting to go back to dance class. I haven’t gone in over a month.  I hope it’s ok that I show up.  I’ll find out next week.  I love dance. It feels good, and I’m actually good at it too.

I am still seeing the guy, J.  🙂  He’s pretty great.  🙂


I’m coming to learn to embrace what comes easily to me, and what I enjoy.  For some reason, I have always thought that these things weren’t meaningful enough.  They blended into the background of my mind-scape.