How to choose a creative medium, and 3 film shout outs

Well hello there!

I found a very interesting article on how to choose a creative medium.  If you want to make art / express yourself / be creative, but are overwhelmed by the choices out there and possibilities (sculpting, film, painting, poetry, music, performance art, dance, animation, Etc) this post may help.

Good movie shout it: the following are three movies that are really great in my opinion.  They all have powerful and empowering messages.  Some of them (Speak and The Diary of a Teenage Girl) delve into pretty dark matter.  Bread and Butter is lighter.  All of them have good endings and are great movies.

Speak is a book by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read it in college (not for class) and loved it immensely. This is the movie trailer for the movie. Yes, that is a young Kristen Stewart.

Diary of a Teenage Girl

Bread and Butter is written and directed by Liz Manashil. I have had the pleasure of speaking with her before, and she’s an amazing and inspiring person herself. 🙂


Moving on from hurt

Today I went to see my friend R.  He said the concept behind moving on from hurt, is staying busy.  Go do things, social things, go to all the things!  I also want to explain a little about my break up.  I didn’t write here beforehand, that it wasn’t making me happy.  I just said it was going great. But the truth was there were things that made me unhappy and I felt like we weren’t compatible and that it was not the right timing for me. I actually wanted to be single too!  I missed it.  I decided to break up with him. At first, I thought it was an impulsive decision. But after talking to my therapist, I now see that I was thinking about it for a while, just not saying things to people.  I don’t regret my decision to break up with him.  But I do regret messaging him 2 days later.  It was impulsive, and I told him I missed him.  He was very nasty to me in his response, which, while making me realize how immature he is (I was not nasty to him when I broke up with him), also hurt a lot.  It was a long and unsolicited message on who he thinks I am as a partner, and basically closed the door on any communication or future for a relationship of any kind.  It really did hurt. I’m not sure why, but my whole life, I’ve been sensitive to mean comments.  Like I really take them to heart.  But I have a lot of support in my life.  There are people who care about me, want the best for me, and I care about them too!!  My mom and my friend K come to mind.  So I know that I have been triggered.

Anyway, while R says that the key to moving on is keeping busy (and I agree!), I will balance processing my feelings about what happened and also giving myself time to focus on other things!  I have a tendency to lament and mope when I’m alone (it just comes naturally, haha), and I think too much of this is unhealthy.

If anybody has any ideas on how to move on from hurt, feel free to post a comment.  If you’re going through a difficult time, know you have my ❤


A small update, and empowering videos from around the internet :)

Today, I got a haircut.  I already have short hair, but it was getting super shaggy in the back. It was a good price too (10$ at Supercuts), and my hairdresser was sweet and pleasant.  🙂

I had therapy yesterday…yay!  I love therapy and my therapist. 🙂

I am wanting to express myself in a major way.  I’m not exactly sure how or in what fashion.  I suppose I will try out a bunch of creative ways.

There are people in my life who care about me. 🙂  My mom, my friend Kath, and you know what?  I think just maybe, people miss me when I’m not there at places like meditation group.  I’m proud of myself and what I’m doing.

I have found a bunch of cool videos from around the internet.  I’d like to share some here. Maybe you’ll think they’re cute / funny / informative / helpful like I did too:

All By my Selfie, a short film by Tiny Buddha (Lori Deschene and other people).

Why are people so nasty?

A brief (and very cute) history of goth 🙂

Interesting thoughts on loneliness ❤