How to choose a creative medium, and 3 film shout outs

Well hello there!

I found a very interesting article on how to choose a creative medium.  If you want to make art / express yourself / be creative, but are overwhelmed by the choices out there and possibilities (sculpting, film, painting, poetry, music, performance art, dance, animation, Etc) this post may help.

Good movie shout it: the following are three movies that are really great in my opinion.  They all have powerful and empowering messages.  Some of them (Speak and The Diary of a Teenage Girl) delve into pretty dark matter.  Bread and Butter is lighter.  All of them have good endings and are great movies.

Speak is a book by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read it in college (not for class) and loved it immensely. This is the movie trailer for the movie. Yes, that is a young Kristen Stewart.

Diary of a Teenage Girl

Bread and Butter is written and directed by Liz Manashil. I have had the pleasure of speaking with her before, and she’s an amazing and inspiring person herself. 🙂


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