Some internet sunshine

Hello!  Its pretty cloudy, drizzly, and a little cold today where I am.  I thought it might be nice to post some things I have seen on youtube that cheered me up recently and made me happy.  Happy Saturday.  🙂

1.)  Gene’s Valentine’s Song: If I told you I didn’t cry during and after watching Gene sing this song in this part of Bob’s Burger’s Valentine’s episode, I would be lying.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I’m going off a medication and I’ve been more emotional lately, or maybe it just really resonated with me (it really did), but I was so touched.  It was on the other day and while its a 2016 episode, its the first time I’d seen it.

2.) Old School Sesame Street: It’s funny the things that live on in my head after over 30 years!  I still remember this song.  🙂

3.)  Mayim Bialik!  I love watching her on youtube.  I see her as a strong and intelligent woman who is a role model.  She posts a lot of videos that really, when watching them, make me feel empowered and not alone.  I bet we’d be friends if we knew each other.  I’d hope, anyway 🙂